Is Go Skate A Scam?

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Parent Speaks About Go Skate

13 Year Old Girl Talks about

“I have done 3 camps in my town through Goskate and they have consistently provided qualified, competent, and reliable instructors. We have 12-18 kids sign up for each of the sessions in a total of three weeks of sessions or 21 days. I was asked to provide feedback on here by the company owner, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in learning skateboarding.”

” We had our first lesson this weekend, and I was told to sign online to tell you how impressed we were with Pete! He was fantastic! The boys took to him right away and he was so great with them. We all knew how hard it would be to keep 3 five-year-olds focused, but he sure did. The progress we saw after just 1 lesson was unbelievable. Thank you so much! This whole experience dealing with you and Rob and everybody else I’ve spoken to has been wonderful! I’ve commented about you guys on my status on Facebook, and so many of my friends have been asking me about you guys. So I’ve spread the word here online and in Edmonton and hope this gets the guys better known out here. It’s such a valuable resource for our kids to have an expert teach them.

I just wanted to say that we are very, very pleased with the instructor (Andy) who was assigned to our son, Lucas Hosek. Andy is a great instructor and incredibly good with little kids. We could not be more pleased, and I’m planning to call later this week to add on additional lessons for Lucas. I would anticipate that we’ll want to do skateboard lessons next Spring/Summer as well, and we will definitely request Andy at that point. He’s great!-Hilary

We feel very fortunate to have him teaching our children, and feel that they’re in the best possible hands with him.Josh approaches his teaching very technically, and has thought through a clear progression of skills that get kids (or adults) up to speed very quickly.

His explanations (about where to put your feet, where your head should be aligned, how your weight should be distributed, and so on) are very detailed, but clear to even young children. Before our kids drop or roll in each time, Josh reminds them to survey the area and make sure the path is safe. One thing we’ve really come to appreciate is that Josh continually stresses park awareness and safety. In one of the very first lessons, and before any new big skills are attempted, he has them stand on the edge of the pool without their board and drop onto their knee pads to practice falling safely.

In fact, we first met Josh when he took a moment out of a lesson to come tell us that he thought we were helping our kids drop in from too high relative to their skill level, and that we should make sure they could handle the smaller bowl without help first.Sunnyvale Skatepark is a really great place to learn, and there’s not a teacher out there better than Josh.


So .. Is Go Skate a scam?